Multi-method pesticides in peppercorn (piper nigrum) (part of rolling proof)

The scheme is designed for common pesticide multi-residue methods and the “difficult and unique commodities” teas and spices according to SANTE11312/2021. 

P2423-RT is part of the ongoing scheme rolling proof - module tea and spices. Please feel free to book P2423-RT individually (please place your order below) or feel free to join rolling proof. If rolling proof is booked as a 5-year-package, a discount is granted.

The test material is spiked with 25 to 35 pesticides. Neither the identity nor the exact number of pesticides are announced in advance. The scope of pesticides is defined here.

The analytical data are assessed with respect to

  • the correct identification of the spiked pesticides,
  • the comparability (z-score), and
  • the trueness (70 to 120% of the spiked level).

Expected time schedule

Please register before:
01 July 2024
Dispatch of samples:
07 October 2024
Deadline for reporting results:
30 October 2024

Costs of P2423-RT

Ring test and material Amount Price per unit
Multi-method pesticides in peppercorn (piper nigrum) (part of rolling proof) 720 €
Test material
Peppercorn (piper nigrum), milled, spiked with 25 to 35 multi-method pesticides.
50 g included
Blank material
Peppercorn (piper nigrum), milled, unspiked.
50 g 70 €

Note: PROOF-ACS reserves the right to cancel tests in case of less than ten participants.