Infant formula - MOSH and MOAH (spiked)

The infant formula is spiked with MOSH and MOAH. A technical white oil and a lubricant are used for spiking. 

The spiking is performed in an advanced process of solving the infant formula, spiking, freeze-drying, milling and homogenising the resulting powder. The process was chosen to simulate commercially available infant formula with MOSH and MOAH embedded in the powder. 

The spiked level of total MOSH is 4.2 mg/kg. However, the level of total MOSH in the reference material is 7.95 mg/kg (assigned value of P2402-MRT), since the raw material contains 2.1 mg/kg of MOSH and the material was contaminated with MOSH during the advanced process of preparation. 

The spiked level of total MOAH is 3.8 mg/kg.

The specification of the reference material includes the comparability of results (z-score criterion, MOSH and MOAH) as well as the trueness of results (70 to 120 % recovery of the spiked level, MOAH only).

Please refer to the specification for more information related to the reference material.

The reference material is available until January 2026 (or end of stock).


Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P2402-RMIf – Infant formula - MOSH and MOAH (spiked) 75 g 300 €
Total Costs 300 €