Rooibos tea - unspiked

Unspiked material related to P2307-RMRo.

Rooibos tea (powder), with incurred residues of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids

  • retrorsine, senecionine, integerrimine, and senecivernine-N-oxide (all at trace levels < 10 µg/kg),
  • retrorsine-N-oxide / usaramine-N-oxide at a level of 12 µg/kg (sum of retrorsine-NO and usaramine-NO),
  • senecionine-N-oxide / integerrimine-N-oxide at al level of about 24 µg/kg (sum of senecionine-NO and integerrimine-NO).

The blank material is free from europine, seneciphylline, senkirkine, and trichodesmine.

The blank material is available until April 2024 (or until end of stock).

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P2307-BLRo – Rooibos tea - unspiked 75 g 70 €
Total Costs 70 €