MOSH/MOAH in pepper (spice)

Spices are challenging matrices with respect to the quantification of MOSH and MOAH. Suitable sample pre-treatment and clean-up steps must be applied in order to achieve correct results.

A sample of pepper (spice), spiked with MOSH and MOAH is provided as test material in P2103-MRT. LOQs of 1 mg/kg are required for participation.

P2103-MRT is organised as a method ring test. That means, the evaluation is not limited to the pure statistical evaluation of the provided analytical data. Consequently, 

  • all participants are asked to provide the chromatograms related to the test sample and the blank sample including the integration of the humps. All chromatograms are published (anonymised with the lab code) in the final report.
  • questionnaire is provided related to the analytical details like internal standards, sample-pretreatment, etc. and related to the confirmation of the results.

The analytical details, which are mentioned above as well as the chromatogramms are summarised in separate parts of the final report. For reasons of fairness, only those participants, which provide details and chromatograms will receive these parts of the report. These data, anonymised and summarised, will help to identify shortcomings, built the basis for further discussion and thus help to enhance the quality of the applied methods.

The analytical results are evaluated with respect to

  • the comparability criterion (z-score), and
  • the trueness criterion (recovery of the spiked level, as far as scientific reasonable).


MOSH ≥ n-C10 - ≤ n-C16, MOSH > n-C16 - ≤ n-C20, MOSH > n-C20 - ≤ n-C25, MOSH > n-C25 - ≤ n-C35, MOSH > n-C35 - ≤ n-C40, MOSH > n-C40 - ≤ n-C50, Total MOSH (lower bound), Total MOSH (integration of hump), MOAH ≥ n-C10 - ≤ n-C16, MOAH > n-C16 - ≤ n-C25, MOAH > n-C25 - ≤ n-C35, MOAH > n-C35 - ≤ n-C50, Total MOAH (lower bound), Total MOAH (integration of hump)

Expected time schedule

Please register before:
01 July 2021
Dispatch of samples:
01 November 2021
Deadline for reporting results:
23 November 2021

Costs of P2103-MRT

Ring test and material Amount Price per unit
MOSH/MOAH in pepper (spice) 800 €
Test material pepper
Ground pepper, spiked with MOSH and MOAH.
50 g included
Blank material pepper
Ground pepper, unspiked.
50 g included

Note: PROOF-ACS reserves the right to cancel tests in case of less than ten participants.