Rooibos tea - pyrrolizidine alkaloids (spiked and incurred)

The milled rooibos tea contains incurred residues of

  • retrorsine,
  • retrorsine-N-oxide,
  • senecionine,
  • senecionine-N-oxide/senecivernine-N-oxide/integerrimine-N-oxide,
  • seneciphylline,
  • seneciphylline-N-oxide, and
  • senkirkine,

and spiked levels of

  • heliosupine-N-oxide,
  • indicine,
  • lasiocarpine-oxide,
  • retrorsine, and
  • senkirkine.

The rooibos tea might contain trace levels of further pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are not specified.

Please refer to the specification

The reference material is available until September 2022 (or until end of stock).

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P2116-RMRb – Rooibos tea - pyrrolizidine alkaloids (spiked and incurred) 100 g 300 €
Total Costs 300 €