Oregano, dried - pyrrolizidine alkaloids

The oregano is spiked with nine pyrrolizidine alkaloids:

  • europine,
  • europine-N-oxide,
  • heliotrine,
  • lasiocarpine,
  • lasiocarpine-N-oxide,
  • retrorsine,
  • senecinonine-N-oxide,
  • seneciphylline, and
  • senecivernine-N-oxide.

Please feel free to refer to the summary of the specification for more information related to the spiked levels. 

Incurred PAs were sporadically reported of erucifoline, heliotrine-N-oxide, intermedine, intermedine-N-oxide, jacobine, lycopsamine, lycopsamine-N-oxide, echinatine, echinatine-N-oxide, helisupine-N-oxide, and rinderine-N-oxide. The incurred PA are not included in the specification of the reference material.

The reference material is available until January 2021 (or end of stock).

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P2014-RMOr – Oregano, dried - pyrrolizidine alkaloids 75 g 300 €
Total Costs 300 €