Rapeseed oil - MOSH/MOAH

Rapeseed oil, spiked with MOSH and MOAH, by using a lubricant oil (Shell Gadus). 

The concentration levels are:

Total MOSH (≥ n-C10 to ≤ n-C50)
6.66 mg/kg (assigned values from a closed scheme)

Total MOAH (≥ n-C10 to ≤ n-C50)
1.27 mg/kg (assigned values from a closed scheme)

The spiked levels are provided in the specification related to the reference material.

If the levels of MOSH and MOAH are quantified in P1919-RMRo (spiked rapeseed oil) and P1919-BLRo (unspiked rapeseed oil) and the difference between the unspiked material and the spiked material is calculated, the spiked levels can be used as an approximation of the true values of MOSH and MOAH. 

The reference material is validated in a closed scheme with 11 laboratories. Please refer to the summary of the specification for more information.

The reference material is available until June 2021 (or end of stock).

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P1919-RMRo – Rapeseed oil - MOSH/MOAH 2x 40 ml 300 €
Total Costs 300 €