Green tea - polar pesticides and contaminants

Green tea, spiked with anthraquinone, biphenyl, chlorate, perchlorate, nicotine, glyphosate and AMPA, diquat, and paraquat.

Spiked levels are:

  • 0.027 mg/kg chlorate
  • 0.031 mg/kg glyphosate
  • 0.035 mg/kg AMPA
  • 0.13 mg/kg diquat
  • 0.13 mg/kg paraquat

Due to incurred levels of anthraquinone, biphenyl perchlorate and nicotine, the specification of these parameters is based on the assigned value, calculated from the results of the participants of P1908-RT.

Assigned values are:

  • 0.0180 mg/kg anthraquinone
  • 0.0580 mg/kg biphenyl
  • 0.648 mg/kg perchlorate
  • 0.568 mg/kg nicotine

Additional information related to the reference material is available here.

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P1908-RMTea – Green tea - polar pesticides and contaminants 100 g 250 €
Total Costs 250 €