Grapes - polar pesticides

Grape homogenate, spiked with chlormequat, ethephon, glyphosate, AMPA and phosphonic acid.

Spiked levels are:

  • 0.024 mg/kg chlormequat chloride
  • 0.11 mg/kg ethephon
  • 0.082 mg/kg glyphosate
  • 0.055 mg/kg AMPA
  • 0.057 mg/kg phosphonic acid. 

The spiked level of phosphonic acid is provided for information only due to incurred residues of phosphonic acid in the blank material.

More information is available here

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P1910-RMGr – Grapes - polar pesticides 80 g 250 €
Total Costs 250 €