Chamomile tea - pyrrolizidine alkaloids

The chamomile tea contains spiked and incurred levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

The specification of the reference material includes the spiked PAs

  • echimidine N-oxide,
  • heliotrine, intermedine N-oxide,
  • lycopsamine,
  • retrorsine N-oxide, and
  • trichodesmine.

as well as the incurred PA europine. 

The chamomile tea contains further incurred PAs (europine N-oxide, senecionine, senecionine N-oxide, seneciphylline, seneciphylline N-oxide, senecivernine, and senkirkine), which are not included in the specification of the reference material.

The reference material is available until May 2020 (or end of stock).

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P1914-RMCh – Chamomile tea - pyrrolizidine alkaloids 70 g 250 €
Total Costs 250 €