Dried nettle - blank

Blank material related to P2203-RMNe.

Dried nettle, milled, with incurred residues of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids

  • heliosupine-N-oxide, and
  • seneciphylline-N-oxide/spartioidine-N-oxide.

The blank material is free from hyoscyamine and scopolamine (not detected, < 5 µg/kg) and free from all PAs (< 5 µg/kg), which are spiked to the reference material P2203-RMNe.

The blank material is available until October 2023 (or until end of stock).

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P2203-BLNe – Dried nettle - blank 100 g 70 €
Total Costs 70 €