Infant formula - MOSH and MOAH (spiked)

The infant formula is spiked with a technical creeping oil as well as with a technical white oil.
In order to prepare the reference material, the infant formula was solved in water, spiked, freeze-dried, milled and homogenised thereafter. Consequently, the spiked levels of MOSH and MOAH are enclosed to the material like in commonly available infant formula. 

Spiked levels are:

13 mg/kg of total MOSH (n-C10 to n-C50)

6.0 mg/kg of total MOAH (n-C10 to n-C50)

The raw material, which was used for the preparation of the reference material contains about 2 mg/kg of total MOSH, while it is free from total MOAH (< 0.5 mg/kg). The unspiked raw material is available as blank material P2222-BLIf. 

The specification of the reference material includes the comparability of results (z-score criterion) as well as the trueness of results. The trueness of results is not specified for total MOSH. The level of total MOSH in the reference material (assigned value 19.6 mg/kg) is higher than expected based on the level of total MOSH in the blank material (2 mg/kg) and the spiked level of total MOSH (13 mg/kg). It can not be excluded that the reference mateiral was contaminated with MOSH/POSH during the advanced process of preparation. However, the validity of the specification of the accepted ranges with respect to the comparability of total MOSH is not influenced.

Please refer to the specification for more information related to the reference material.

The reference material is available until January 2023 (or end of stock).

Costs and Order

Material Amount Price per unit
P2222-RMIf – Infant formula - MOSH and MOAH (spiked) 100 g 300 €
Total Costs 300 €