Ethylene oxide in locust bean gum (E410)

Since the end of 2020, a high number of positive findings of ethylene oxide related to different kinds of food matrices was reported within the EU. Locust bean gum (E410), guar gum, sesame seeds, spices, nuts etc. have been withdrawn from the EU market due to residues of ethylene oxide resp. 2-chlorethanol.

In July 2021, the EU member states concluded that

  • "for the products that contain the additive E410 known to be contaminated with ethylene oxide(*) no safe level of exposure for consumers can be defined and hence any level consumers may be exposed to, presents a potential risk to consumers;

  • consequently, it is necessary, in order to ensure a high level of health protection, that the food or feed business operators who have placed such products on the EU market shall, under the control of the national competent authorities, withdraw those products from the EU market, and recall them from consumers.

    (*) i.e the additive containing a level of ethylene oxide above the LOQ (0.1 mg/kg), applying the residue definition provided for in Regulation 396/2005."

(Summary record of the Food and Feed Crisis Coordinators meetings).

Locust bean gum, which is spiked with 2-chloroethanol is provided as test material within this test. The participants are asked to report 2-chloroethanol according to regulation (EC) 396/2005 as "sum of ethylene oxide and 2-chloro-ethanol expressed as ethylene oxide".

The aim of the ring test is

  • the correct quantification with respect to the
    comparability criterion (z-score ≤ |2|),
  • the correct quantification with respect to the
    trueness criterion (70-120 % recovery of the spiked level).


2-chloroethanol expr. as ethylene oxide

Expected time schedule

Please register before:
15 January 2022
Dispatch of samples:
14 March 2022
Deadline for reporting results:
29 March 2022

Costs of P2201-RT

Ring test and material Amount Price per unit
Ethylene oxide in locust bean gum (E410) 690 €
Test material
Locust bean gum, spiked with 2-chloroethanol.
50 g included
Blank material
Locust bean gum, unspiked.
50 g 70 €

Note: PROOF-ACS reserves the right to cancel tests in case of less than ten participants.