Multi-method pesticides in ready-to-eat babyfood

A ready-to-eat baby food, a potato-eggplant casserole, is provided as test material.
The casserole consists of different kinds of vegetables like potato, tomato, eggplant, carrots, sweet pepper and onions. Furthermore, it contains cheese, cream, riceflour, spices etc.

The casserole is homogenised and spiked with pesticides thereafter. The unspiked casserole is provided as blank material.

Pesticides within the scope of the ring test P1916-RT are common multi-method pesticides. The focus is on pesticides and metabolites thereof, which are mentioned in regulation (EC) 2016/127 as well as on pesticides, which are typical for the ingrediences of the selected baby food.

The pesticides are spiked at low concentration levels. Relevant concentration levels are close to 0.01 mg/kg or lower depending on the requirements according to regulation (EC) 2016/127.

Expected time schedule

Please register before:
01 September 2019
Dispatch of samples:
04 November 2019
Deadline for reporting results:
27 November 2019

Costs of P1916-RT

Ring test and material Amount Price per unit
Multi-method pesticides in ready-to-eat babyfood 750 €
Test material ready-to-eat babyfood
Homogenate, spiked
100 g included
Blank material ready-to-eat babyfood
Homogenate, unspiked
100 g included

Note: PROOF-ACS reserves the right to cancel tests in case of less than ten participants.